4D Ultrasound franchise - Chubby Cheeks


Very great place!!! The room was comfortable and very roomy!!! Had enough room for all of my family that came with me!!! The bed was soft and the couch was amazing!! The ladies were very nice and tried really hard to get my baby to corporate!!! My baby was just hard headed and too big and didn't want us seeing her today lol!!! This is an amazing place and I had a great experience even though I didn't get to see all of my hard head 🙂 thank y'all very much!!!!

This place is awesome! Was just there yesterday and the room was huge and had toys for my 3 year old to keep him amused while we did the ultrasound!

Had a 3D/4D ultrasound today by the sweetest ladies, Anita & Maya!! Super nice, clean place! Great location and wonderful service! I highly recommend coming here for your next ultrasound!

Was not their during the sonogram but got to see pictures and wow Technology has came a long way sense by kid was born!! I suggest that all family's expecting new born' have this done !!

I had a wonderful experience here!! The ladies are very friendly and make you feel at home! My little one wasn't very cooperative and they were very patient and made sure I left with at least 2 great printed pictures!! I highly recommend them!! Ultrasound in Clemmons Ultrasound in Winston-Salem Ultrasound in Kernersville

They where the best!! So sweet, they explain which part is which in the ultrasound, and everything! Highly recommend! Too sweet. My husband and I and ecstatic we are having a BOY!

This was the sweetest experience! These ladies were able to give us exceptional views of our big guy! Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Had a great experience at sneak-a-peek ultrasound today! Very comfortable and relaxing environment.